I have included a few tips and tricks on this page to help you once you get home with your items, if there is anything here that you do not understand or I have missed out then please feel free to ask, I am always pleased to help.

Flower Care

Care for your flowers in the right way and you'll improve their vase life and your enjoyment.


Carefully remove the cellophane gift wrapping and bow, cut the bottom of the stems at 45 degree angle about 1 inch/3 cm from the end. Fill a vase with cold fresh water, add the flower food as per instruction and place the flowers in the vase. Change the water regularly. For optimum vase life place your flowers in a cool location away from any sources of direct heat, drafts or sunlight. Some of your flowers may still be in bud to ensure longer vase life.

Hand Tieds

Hold your hand tied arrangement over a sink and cut a hole in the bottom of the cellophane water reservoir and drain water into sink. Carefully remove the rest of the gift wrapping but do not untie the flowers unless wish to arrange them yourself. They have been specially arranged and tied ready to be placed directly into a vase. Follow care instructions as above for bouquets.


Place your arrangement in a cool location away from sources of heat or direct sunlight, carefully top up with fresh water keeping the floral foam moist at all times.


Most plants like good light though not direct sunlight and an even temperature. Avoid drafts, fumes and cold.Plants generally require less water in winter than in summer, try to keep the soil moist but not soaking. Many plants will tolerate the soil drying slightly between watering. Water with tepid water where possible. Watering in the morning is preferable to the evening. Fertilize during the growing season, April - Sept.

General Tips

Flowers and plants are for display purposes only and must not be consumed. Candles are for decoration only, in the interests of safety please do not light them. Fruit may be used for decoration only, do not consume.

Keep all items out of the reach of children and pets.

Some plants and flower varieties may be harmful or cause irritation so please be careful when handling. Wash hands after handling flowers, plants as a precaution. In case of irritation wash affected skin immediately with cold water. Keep skin out of the sunlight and do not rub or scratch irritated areas. Visit your doctor if symptoms persist. In case of ingestion of any flowers or plants drink a glass of water immediately. Visit your doctor or casualty department as soon as possible taking with you a sample of the plant matter or a note of its name if known. Do not place your gifts on an unprotected surface or electrical device that may be damaged by water spillage or leakage.